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Humanitarian Aid with the Gospel

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you so much to all who have donated! We’ve almost reached our goal for complete funding of our expenses. Prayerfully consider giving. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. To donate, simply click HERE and it will take you to a giving page with options for Venmo, PayPal, and CashApp.

This is a picture of the medical clinic in the Rwanda village where we will be going in October. The village is about an hour’s drive from Kigali. They have limited resources and we are so grateful to be taking medical supplies and funds to purchase medications in-country to stock the clinic.

Medically trained members of our team will spend each day seeing patients and assisting any way they can. Time will be given to visit personally with parents and children, praying with them, and learning what they need help with. We are taking craft supplies to spend time with the children, making “gospel story bracelets.” We will even be providing many children and adults with their very own toothbrush!

Part of our team will be involved in construction projects. One of their projects includes building water stations and teaching men from the village how to build these stations for themselves. Water has to be hauled daily from a distance. These stations will be built with bamboo tripods - bamboo is available locally - with a ‘jerry can’ full of water set in the tripod. Attached will be a version of “soap on a rope.” These will be placed every 2 or 3 dwellings throughout the village, about 150 total. One source of infections that villagers battle is due to not having water for washing their hands or bathing. The women work manure into the soil of their vegetable gardens, wipe their hands on their clothes, cook their food, tend their babies and children… and infections are spread.

There are four peddle-style sewing machines in the village. We are taking fabric and patterns for making reusable sanitary pads, and we will be doing training for the women and girls. These pads will allow girls to remain in school and not miss classes due to their monthly cycle. In addition, we hope their sewing skills can provide income as they make sanitary pads to sell to other women and girls in surrounding villages.

We covet your prayers, and we thank you for sending us on this mission! In our next update, Ron plans to share why this ministry assignment in Rwanda is so timely.

With much love in Christ,

Lana Wood


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