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"The first time I saw a miracle, it startled me. I thought it was something we just read about in the Bible. Then I began to see signs and wonders." 

As an observer and reporter, Ron began to respond to God's call at an early age. He witnessed firsthand the Third Wave impacting the modern church and has written about the sad effect of disappearing fathers in American society. Now he teaches God's word in a practical way and demonstrates how to work with the Holy Spirit.


Ron and his wife live in NW Arkansas near their two children (Scott and Rebekah) and their six grandchildren. Ron is a writer, school teacher, and minister of God's word known for his humor and prophetic insight. Ron graduated from Southeastern University with a degree in Missions where he studied the Bible and met his lovely wife, Lana. Ron was a radio news reporter and is a newspaper columnist with hundreds of articles published. He is the author of a dozen books that train believers in the ministry. Ron and Lana have served as pastors to Baptist, Assembly of God, and independent churches. Ron participates in Appeal to Heaven prayer events and encourages reformation for America. His passion is to train the next generation of Christ's leaders for the emerging church.

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