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America - The New Romans

Twenty centuries ago, a man named Paul, an apostle prominent in the Bible, preached and taught God’s word to a pagan society with a culture similar to America today.

By the word “pagan,” I mean those historic ethnic groups or nations that commonly practiced child sacrifice, the very thing that Democrats are now known for. The fact is, many Democrat Governors, Senators, and Representatives in some states and in Congress have, like the Romans, approved late term abortion - and infanticide. Yet the Romans were considered civilized. They were not ignorant savages. All their citizens were literate. Their slaves were schooled. Women had rights. They had strong social structures and a powerful central government. They had a Senate and Caesar. They produced a powerful economy that impacted the world. Their military kept the peace among the nations, a time known as “Pax Romana.” Their rule at times was brutal. Just ask Israel in AD 70. Latin was as common as Greek. I studied Latin for four years and appreciate this true history, the era when Jesus walked the earth and Christianity was born.

Years ago I wrote about the similarity of ancient Rome and modern America in an article, “The New Romans.” I made the case that the United States has become very much like pagan Rome: a strong central government, secular values, rigid taxation, a privileged wealthy elite, lots of corruption, widespread perversion and immorality, a language for global commerce, and an enviable economy.

It’s a challenge for writers like me to hold to an ethic of objectivity while reporting, yet clearly express my own viewpoint as a commentator. Personally, I am a conservative Bible-believing Christian who lives by faith in God. But fear not - I am not anybody’s judge. I truly love people. However, I’m not shy. I want people to know the truth and be saved. Following Christ is the best way to live even if heaven or hell weren’t real. I know we live in a non-Christian society, an amoral mixture, not anchored to any roots, where tolerance is valued above all (except for conservatives who speak out). For me, finding and speaking the truth is a high calling.

I worked my way through Bible College (SEU) for four years as a news reporter at WLAK, an NBC affiliate station located in Lakeland, Florida. I gathered the news, interviewed people, wrote it up, edited actualities, and broadcasted it live for newscasts five minutes before the top of each hour. I enjoyed it. To this day, put a set of headphones on me and a microphone in front of me, and I go on alert like I’m on the air. That was back in the days when Walter Cronkite was on CBS. Other notables were Edward R. Murrow and The Huntley-Brinkley Report. Journalism was a real thing. It seemed so objective. We valued its honesty. It didn’t tell us biased opinions, or what to think, but it gave us the facts so we could choose for ourselves. I miss those days.

The challenge for many of us is how to say what is true without needlessly offending people. But sin is sin, and everyone needs a Savior. God’s word leads us to the knowledge of the Lord and to salvation. I’m glad that the truth, when it is received, has power to liberate and bring life. I am proud to be an American, to pursue justice and truth; to be a dual citizen. “For our citizenship is in heaven, from which also we eagerly wait for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

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