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God's Census Takers

I quit as a Census taker. I went to the orientation, took the oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and started my online classes. Then I decided not to continue with the job. I resigned at the urging of my painful heel. I couldn’t walk without a cane. It was very difficult. I went to a podiatrist who told me I have plantar fasciitis. He prescribed specific stretching therapies. I expect to fully recover but meanwhile, restrict my activity.

Census Enumerators - the formal job title – go door to door asking certain questions. They are verifying where people lived and how many were at the address. They are sworn to lifetime secrecy with an oath that has some very serious consequences. If a Census worker comes to your door, treat them politely. Help them do their job and they’ll quickly go on their way to the next address on their list. It won’t take but ten minutes of your time.

Each Census taker is using a special iPhone. It has several layers of ID verification, screen locks, and theft prevention. The workers upload the data through a secure wireless portal. The Census data base is being updated (almost) in real time. Each city, county, and state will have its number of US Representatives and its amount of Federal assistance determined by this information.

Let’s apply this census taking activity to the spiritual dimension. What does this have to do with heaven? Believe it or not, there is a precise analogy, and it is happening at the same time.

God is taking count of everyone grieving for America. Do you know, the Lord has angelic census-takers? Angels are looking for people who are praying or worshipping God. The angels point them out to God. Angels are going door to door looking for people praying and interceding. An example of this is recorded in Ezekiel 9. Here’s what that scripture says….

The Lord said to him, “Go through the midst of the city, even through the midst of Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and groan over all the abominations which are being committed in its midst.” (v 4)

Those who were grieved over corruption in their city were being marked by holy angels. The people who grieved would be spared from the judgment coming on the land. Are you moved to prayer, or instead, are you spewing anger and accusations? You can’t do both. Are you interceding for the upcoming election? Are you groaning in prayer for our nation?

I think America is at a crossroads. With tears in my eyes, I’m telling you, God wants all children to be able to walk to school in every city without being afraid. God upholds justice and righteousness. Hatred and violence are an abomination to God. Sin is a reproach to any nation.

Is there a mark on your forehead? Have you Appealed to Heaven? A prayer warrior’s mark is invisible to most people, but the holy angels of God can see it. Like the black soot that’s smeared on the forehead of saints who participated in Ash Wednesday, this invisible mark shows a sign of your repentance toward God and of your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s a mark placed there by the angels to spare you, because God saw that your heart was broken for the trouble in America’s streets. He saw you groan in prayer for righteousness and justice in the land, for wickedness and violence to be put to an end. He saw you with uplifted hands interceding in the name of Christ.

Ron Wood is a retired pastor in NW Arkansas. Follow him on Facebook @touchedbygracenwa. Ron's latest book is Speaking by the Spirit - about praying in tongues, the gift of prophecy, and Spirit-inspired decrees. Article written for publication in NW Arkansas Democrat Gazette's Washington County Enterprise Leader, 08.26.20

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