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Government Shift

In ancient Israel, there came a time when the people chose a leader. Saul stood out among the crowd. However, his character flaws made him fail. God anointed a new leader, David, a man after God’s own heart, to replace Saul as king. God’s choice was first pointed out by a prophet. This means the Spirit of God acted in advance of David being groomed to govern.

In the New Testament, God gives the believers a great privilege. We are yeast in the dough. We can determine the leadership of society. How do we affect change? The apostle Paul said the first duty of the church is praying for civil leaders (1 Tim 2.2). By intercession, we can bring about reformation by asking for the kingdom of God to come. The key is the right people being placed in power. Prayer changes things.

The word of God says that when the wicked rule, the people perish. When the righteous rule, the nation prospers. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Whatever system of government any country uses, the key to divine blessings is having good people with good values in charge.

Now let’s move from biblical history to present-day politics in America.

This brings us to the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court by President Trump. If you watched Judge Kavanaugh’s acceptance speech, you saw a good family man, with abundant wisdom, with Christian values, thoroughly prepared to take on his new task.

President Trump made an important choice in picking a brilliant conservative who reveres the Constitution. I applaud his selection. In contrast, the Democrats have quickly generated rabid opposition. What is behind their unreasoning resistance? There are some key elements.

Democrats are opposed to the Constitution because it embodies Judeo-Christian core values. It is a covenant document. Since Kavanaugh will adhere to the Constitution, his nomination must be fought. Democrats wish to move America toward the European model of secular socialism; away from individual responsibility, to entitlement and dependency. Democrats want to push God out of the public arena. They want to govern without accountability to the Almighty who gave us our liberty.

Democrats are opposed to the traditional American family. They want to eliminate the husband-wife nuclear family and redefine it. Since Democrats oppose the historical pattern of marriage, the family is amorphous, whatever anyone wants it to be. Sexual differentiation is no longer distinctive. Children are the property of the state, not belonging to a married couple as parents, subject to abortion.

In my opinion – and I can’t help it if I’m right – the Democratic party has lost its mind. They have adopted a liberal anti-God bias that alienates them from mainstream America. Behind this political cabal is a nihilistic way of thinking supported by the elite media and rich Hollywood soul-vampires, all of whom have their moral compass set on spin-cycle.

This is sad and sinful. The Democratic party has marginalized itself. It is an amalgamation of fringe elements tearing down our former great culture. Their party can’t build up anything, except its own grasp for power.

Apart from the support of the media and progressive power-brokers, the Democratic party would have surely ceased to be an influence by now. They need the propaganda of the thought-police to survive. They need Americans to remain ignorant. Barren of ideas, they are dust blowing in the wind. Don’t be afraid of them. Work to replace airheads with people of virtue, who cherish America’s traditions. And pray for God’s good leaders to stand up.

Let's shift our nation by shifting the government toward righteousness.

Ron Wood is a writer and Bible teacher in NW Arkansas. He lives with his wife near their two kids and six grandkids. Email:

Ron Wood

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