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Why Stuff Happens

Twice I’ve sold my car for thousands of dollars less than I could have, both times to a woman, both of whom needed a good deal on a reliable vehicle. I refuse to take advantage of a woman just because they don’t know cars.

I wish there was a charity to assist working single moms with cheap cars. I’ve seen women cheated by dealers or mechanics. If a man takes a car in, he’ll get a straightforward quote and an honest repair. If a woman takes a car in, you never know what might happen - to the car or to the bill.

I know wonderful exceptions to this. Not all mechanics are crooks and not all women are gullible. Since I know God is watching, and since what you reap you sow, I think I’m due a new car for little or no cost. God rewards good works. One man scoffed at a generous deal I gave. I said to him, “You watch… God keeps good books!”

Seeds grow. Seasons change. Coincidences are not always happenstance. In fact, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.” Serendipity is a chance encounter that occurs beyond your control. You may be one person away from your life changing for good. It wasn’t chance that caused me to notice my future bride standing in the lobby across the college admin building in 1967, where she glowed with a radiant smile that lit up the room. It was destiny! Two years later, on June 1st, we wed.

I was born late in life, fifteen years after my siblings. Because of this, I was only 32 when mom passed away after a brief stay in the hospital. Was it mere chance that she breathed her last on Mother’s Day? I held her hand and released her to the Lord. What a fitting memorial to a sincere saint, a woman of deep faith and love despite hardships, who was an example of believing prayer. She taught me about Jesus, about the Bible, and about praying until the answer comes.

It is not merely chance that Israel as a nation turned 70 this year. Remember when Israel was judged by God for rejecting the Messiah? In A.D. 70, the Roman army besieged the city and destroyed the Temple. Jesus had predicted this. Now, another 70 years are accomplished. The season has changed. It is time for Israel to have mercy, to open their eyes to Christ. This year, the US Embassy was moved to Jerusalem, Israel's capital. Jerusalem was once the city of David. It will be the future throne of King Jesus. From there, he will rule with justice over the nations.

When Zionism as a political movement began in the early 1900’s, the idea spread that the Jews, who had been scattered among the nations for almost 2000 years, deserved their own homeland. After the Holocaust, the United Nations facilitated Israel’s rebirth. In 1948, Israel was formed. In 1967 after the Six Day War, Jerusalem was recaptured. America has mostly been an ally to Israel.

An interesting parallel seems beyond coincidence. A biblical principle is this: first the natural, then the spiritual. Israel regained its inheritance physically - the land. The church of Jesus Christ moved into more of its inheritance spiritually - the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This happened with the Pentecostal outpouring early in the 20th century. In 1948, the revival known as the Healing Movement began. Miracles happened everywhere. I was an eyewitness to this. Later, in 1967, the Charismatic Renewal among mainline denominations spilled over. The Jesus movement swept thousands of young people into the kingdom.

As Israel gains ground, so does the church. It is a parallel restoration. Israel has come of age at seventy. I pray for evangelists to teach the Jews the identity of their Messiah, Jesus. More believers in Jesus are now discovering their identity in Christ, and being enabled to pray effectively and to witness with power. May Christians become mature, be fully equipped, and bear fruit for God’s glory. The shape of the church is changing. Another outpouring of the Holy Spirit is due, especially in America and now, in Israel.

Ron Wood is an author, writer and prophetic Bible teacher. He and his wife live in NW Arkansas near their two kids and six grand kids. Email: NWADG/WCEL, May 23, 2018, “Why Stuff Happens.”

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