Ron Wood

Ron is an internationally traveled Bible teacher with 50 years of experience expressing Christ through the five-fold ministry. He is a Bible teacher, newspaper columnist, published author, and prophetic speaker. He and his wife have been pastors in Baptist, Independent, and Assembly of God churches, and missionaries in Africa. They live in NW Arkansas.

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Emerging Apostles

  Have we mastered spell-binding sermons but missed the simple strategy of Jesus? Have we substituted marketing techniques, self-improvement goals, and religious rhetoric rather than relying on the gifts of God and the callings of God?

  We look for programs to make the church grow but God is looking for the right person who has encountered King Jesus. Could you be that person?

  Are you an emerging apostle in the developing church?

  If so, continue reading. You were born for this! The church was meant to carry the DNA of apostles and prophets and designed do the works of Jesus. You are about to glimpse a movement, the greatest event occurring on earth, the re-alignment of the body of Christ with the Head of the church.

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